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How much does it cost?

Boonfroggle uses a direct revenue model. The fee is directly tied to the revenue brought in. So you’ll never pay costly hourly fees. Boonfroggle makes money only when you do.

Are you a lead-generation company?

No. Boonfroggle creates a customised growth strategy for your company and then executes it fully, presenting you with signed deals, not leads.

Can you help me reach other European markets? the USA?

Yes. I am experienced in both EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Asia) and North America, and can help you determine which markets are best suited to your company’s next growth phase.

Is my company too small? Too big?

The focus is on product, business model, and growth potential more than size. Boonfroggle‘s process is ideal for establishing early rapid growth, as well as for scaling up or entering new markets.

How do I know if my product is a good fit?

I evaluate each company on an individual basis. But as a baseline, if your company has a B2B-facing product/service with a yearly contract value of at least €5K and high gross margin (not including operating costs), it may be a good fit for Boonfroggle‘s services.

Does Boonfroggle take equity?

No. Your company belongs to you. Boonfroggle takes a percentage of the revenue brought in, helping your company keep fixed costs to a minimum and grow in a way that makes sense for your cash-flow.

Does Boonfroggle invest in start-ups?

Boonfroggle does not provide the typical capital for equity exchange. Instead, I analyse your market, develop a growth strategy, and take that strategy through to completion. Think of Boonfroggle as a contracted partner, not an investor.

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